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Hello from the Bride to be :)

Hi! I am definitely not the computer savvy one in this relationship, but thanks to Darren, this site is easy enough for me to add my 2 cents, so here goes my first “blog” post ever!

Well, as Darren said, the wedding is set for February 11, 2012! Yes, that is 167 days from today (I just counted). So, although I was originally thinking an outdoor tent/beach type wedding, I think Michigan weather might call for something a little cozier. Anyway, Darren might say that I’m “freaking out” but considering the time frame, I think I’m doing great 🙂 Someone has to figure out the details!

Just as a little side note, in case anyone was wondering, no, this wedding is not Valentines Day related, although its almost as cheesy since February 11th just so happens to be my birthday! Besides the fact that it will make life easier on Darren for the next 60 or so years when it comes to remembering important dates, we decided we wanted to get married sooner than later and avoid the wedding madness of summertime, so February it was!

Well, I’m glad you took the time to stop by! I’ll continue to try to outdo Darren with clever posts and really thrilling wedding details as they become planned. And, maybe, if you’re lucky I’ll get some engagement pictures of us on standing on deserted railroad tracks or against abandoned buildings looking really thoughtful and lovestruck… 😉




So, this is a non-wedding-related post…but after spending this whole evening working up this blog in WordPress, I’m so far unimpressed. I’m used to working in blogger (which is free), and my set-up time there was much shorter and more intuitive that WordPress. Not to mention, it costs $12/year to use WordPress with a custom domain – and even then it’s only half of a custom domain (when you’re on the site, it says you’re on instead of just Lastly, it won’t run Google Analytics, nor can I view the HTML code for the site…which is easy in blogger. Oh…and if I want my own HTML, near as I can tell, that requires a “custom” theme, which is another $30/year…not impressed.

But enjoy our blog! Haha

Hello world!

Welcome to! This page is obviously still under development, but this is where you can go to read about really exciting things! (haha yeah right…)

So I guess first things first…the wedding date is set for February 11, 2012. Joy dropped some coin today to reserve the MSU Alumni Chapel. So there’s no no backing out now! (well…it would cost us $750…)

It’s looking like the reception will likely be in Lansing’s Old Town, at Perspective2. Kinda a cool place. And it has a photo booth with all sorts of kinky props… 😉

That’s it for now…I just spent like 2 hours screwing around with this WordPress thing, and mapping DNS, and stuff, so it’s time to play some Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Xbox…because after February 11, I sure as heck won’t be able to do that anymore!