We’re still married!

Lol, we just needed an excuse to update our website. 🙂



Wedding photo slideshow!

Here’s a link to Barry’s wedding photos slideshow (he did a great job!):

Link to wedding photos slideshow

Honeymoon Photos

Here are our honeymoon photos, after post-processing:

Ireland Honeymoon

Cold front coming… Drive/travel carefully!

From Nixle.com:


An Arctic cold front moves into the area on Friday. An abrupt decrease in temperature brings icy road conditions.

An arctic front will sweep south through Michigan on Friday. HAZARDS: * Icy Roads possibly developing Friday due to small amounts of snow (1″ or less) freezing as temperatures fall abruptly from the mid 30s into the 20s and teens. IMPACTS: * Hazardous travel conditions possible due to the abrupt weather change. This comes after a lengthy period of no winter weather and safe travel, and it may catch some drivers off guard. TIMING/COMMUTES: * North of I-96: From mid morning through mid afternoon, probably holding off until after the morning commute time. * Along and South of the I-96 Corridor: in the afternoon and evening. This includes the Friday drive home commute. This is From NOAA’s National Weather Service.

Arctic cold front moving in (link)

Map to the reception

Here are maps depicting the location of the reception, and it’s relationship to the wedding and the hotel (Radisson). Again, we hope this helps!




Map to the ceremony (plus parking! and hotel!)

We’ve sort of realized that people miiiight have trouble finding the MSU Alumni Chapel, and a place to park…especially if they’ve never been there before…so here it is. These are displayed showing the most zoomed-in view first, and then out to a view that shows the hotel, in relation to the Chapel. We hope this helps. 🙂




No Sparty….

Unfortunately, Sparty can’t make it to the wedding.

Dangit. Would have been cool!