Before the reception, download Remote for your iPhone!

DetroitJake is going to try to set up iTunes Remote during some parts of the reception – so you’ll be able to pick your own tracks within the library of wedding tunes! Download the app! (link)

This is how it works. (link)


Full gallery link

Alright, here’s the full gallery link to the entire engagement session album. No more cheesy music and slow transitions! Haha

P.S. The password is “luginbill”

Our engagement photos are up!

Our engagement photos (link) are up! Check them out!

We want to give props to our photographer, Barry, who nearly froze his hands off during this shoot. It was bitter cold (colder’n a well digger’s ass, as my late Grandma Bowling would have said).

Barry Tilson Photography

Found our party bus!

So we found our party bus! It holds around 35 people, so we should be able to hold a few more people than just the wedding party…AND it will be available to help people (who do ride the bus) move their cars over to the reception before the wedding, which will be really nice. I’m REEAALLY excited about this.

Engagement photo

It took my Dad a zillion tries to get this photo…(I think he needs to take my advice a little more on how to properly meter a photo…and how to use the autofocus!) But I think we got it right. Joy likes the picture, and I do too.


Amazon, Target & Macy’s registry up and running

This afternoon, Joy and I started working on our registries at Amazon, at Macy’s, and at Target (this is fun!). You can view the Amazon registry by clicking here, the Macy’s registry by clicking here, and the Target registry by clicking here.

There isn’t much on it now, but we’ll be working on it. Fun stuff!

Hello from the Bride to be :)

Hi! I am definitely not the computer savvy one in this relationship, but thanks to Darren, this site is easy enough for me to add my 2 cents, so here goes my first “blog” post ever!

Well, as Darren said, the wedding is set for February 11, 2012! Yes, that is 167 days from today (I just counted). So, although I was originally thinking an outdoor tent/beach type wedding, I think Michigan weather might call for something a little cozier. Anyway, Darren might say that I’m “freaking out” but considering the time frame, I think I’m doing great 🙂 Someone has to figure out the details!

Just as a little side note, in case anyone was wondering, no, this wedding is not Valentines Day related, although its almost as cheesy since February 11th just so happens to be my birthday! Besides the fact that it will make life easier on Darren for the next 60 or so years when it comes to remembering important dates, we decided we wanted to get married sooner than later and avoid the wedding madness of summertime, so February it was!

Well, I’m glad you took the time to stop by! I’ll continue to try to outdo Darren with clever posts and really thrilling wedding details as they become planned. And, maybe, if you’re lucky I’ll get some engagement pictures of us on standing on deserted railroad tracks or against abandoned buildings looking really thoughtful and lovestruck… 😉