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Full gallery link

Alright, here’s the full gallery link to the entire engagement session album. No more cheesy music and slow transitions! Haha

P.S. The password is “luginbill”


Our engagement photos are up!

Our engagement photos (link) are up! Check them out!

We want to give props to our photographer, Barry, who nearly froze his hands off during this shoot. It was bitter cold (colder’n a well digger’s ass, as my late Grandma Bowling would have said).

Barry Tilson Photography

Found our party bus!

So we found our party bus! It holds around 35 people, so we should be able to hold a few more people than just the wedding party…AND it will be available to help people (who do ride the bus) move their cars over to the reception before the wedding, which will be really nice. I’m REEAALLY excited about this.