Hello world!

Welcome to DarrenandJoy.com! This page is obviously still under development, but this is where you can go to read about really exciting things! (haha yeah right…)

So I guess first things first…the wedding date is set for February 11, 2012. Joy dropped some coin today to reserve the MSU Alumni Chapel. So there’s no no backing out now! (well…it would cost us $750…)

It’s looking like the reception will likely be in Lansing’s Old Town, at Perspective2. Kinda a cool place. And it has a photo booth with all sorts of kinky props… 😉

That’s it for now…I just spent like 2 hours screwing around with this WordPress thing, and mapping DNS, and stuff, so it’s time to play some Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Xbox…because after February 11, I sure as heck won’t be able to do that anymore!


2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. This is so corny.

    Ha, j/k…You guys will be glad to look back at all this!

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